"Separatist feminist rhetoric suggested that all men share equally in male privilege, that all men reap positive benefits from sexism. Yet the poor or working-class man who has been socialized via sexist ideology to believe that there are privileges and powers he should possess solely because he is male often finds that few, if any, of these benefits are automatically bestowed on him in life. More than any other male group in the United States, he is constantly concerned about the contradiction between the notions of masculinity he was taught and his inability to live up to that notion. He is usually ‘hurt,’ emotionally scarred because he does not have the privilege or power society has taught him ‘real men’ should possess. Alienated, frustrated, pissed off, he may attack, abuse, and oppress and individual woman or women, but he is not reaping positive benefits from his support and perpetuation of sexist ideology."

— bell hooks (via wretchedoftheearth)